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How and Where to Photograph the Matterhorn


The Matterhorn could be just another one of the hundreds of mountains that make up the Alps. But it isn’t. In fact, is anything but ordinary. From its elegant silhouette to its extraordinary dimension, the Matterhorn has always been worshipped by various mountaineers who attempted to climb it.

To us, the Matterhorn was always associated with the delicious Toblerone chocolates. But this mountain didn’t just inspired the format of one of the most loved chocolates in the world; it was also the final goal (albeit sometimes fatal at that) of mountaineers since 1850. It was only in 1865, and after attempting it 8 times, that the English mountaineer Edward Whymper was able to conquer the peak of the Matterhorn – and, even then, it was a tragic conquest that provoked the death of 4 men who accompanied him.


In Zermatt, you can visit a museum dedicated solely to the Matterhorn. It tells a bit more of the mountain’s story and remembers all the victims that were taken by the challenge that is climbing the Matterhorn. And while many visit the mountain for its challenging ski slopes, we know that it’s so worth it to come here just to admire this mountain peak in all its splendor.


The Matterhorn is impressive from the first moment you see it. Below, check out where and how to photograph this peak in the Alps.


The giant peak of the Matterhorn is visible right from Zermatt, so any photo session of this staggering mountain has to start here. Walking around the small mountain village at the end of the day, Joana and I stopped on a small bridge to admire the unimaginable size of the Matterhorn. The warm colors of the sunset reflected on its steep hillside, making the landscape even more imposing and majestic. We were anxious to be able to see this masterpiece of nature up close.


The next day, we boarded the Gornergrat Bahn (the train that has connected Zermatt and the peak of Gornergrat at more than 3,000m high since 1898) to continue admiring the Matterhorn’s incredible size. On the train, head to the right side to enjoy the best views and photo ops during the journey. The panorama is amazing: rocky gorges, tunnels, galleries and dense alpine forests extend on the horizon.


In a little over 30 minutes, we arrived in Gornergrat where we took a little break to warm up with a cappuccino in one of Europe’s best known ski resorts. The view is one of the best in the world: the Matterhorn in all its glory and surrounded by some 30 mountains at over 4,000m high. Here, Joana and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a funny photo with the Toblerone chocolate bar as the peak of the Matterhorn!


And it’s an absolute must to head to Rothorn, on the Sunnegga Express that departs from Zermatt. From its peak (3,103m) you can get a completely unobstructed view of some of the highest peaks of the Valais Alps: the Matterhorn and the Weisshorn dominate the view on the horizon. And since you're here, why not enjoy a romantic lunch together with this unforgettable view?


That’s the Matterhorn in a nutshell: superb, majestic, simply gigantic. And to be able to observe it, from afar or up close, was one of the greatest privileges we’ve had on our travels.

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honeymooners, Zermatt 11/2016

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