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To Infinity and Beyond! Wedding Session in the Atacama Desert

Our Wedding Session in the Atacama Desert was not our choice, it was a challenge proposed us by...

26 Nov 2017
(Mis)adventures in Zanzibar

Talking about Zanzibar for us is always difficult. At this point, it’s no secret that we had ch...

15 Oct 2017
Behind the Scenes: Wedding Session in Havana

The day of wearing our adventure suits arrived, finally, again, and we were in Cuba. As always,...

5 Oct 2017
Visit Varadero: The Pride of Cuba

With some 20km of beach, Varadero is Cuba’s proud seaside resort. Breathtaking beaches with a v...

30 Sep 2017
A Time Travel! Wedding Session in Havana

We have decided to go with the paradise of the senses to continue our adventure. It was in Cuba...

24 Sep 2017
The Authentic Cuba: Three City Tour

Varadero was an excellent getaway to relax a bit enjoy the best of Cuba’s white shores, but the...

17 Sep 2017

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